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I am an experienced allround interior designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Interior Styling & Design, Food Styling, Editing, Concept Development, Graphic Design and Photograpy.


  • Various magazines (interior/lifestyle editor & styling): Fabulous Mama, Viva, Flair, VT Wonen, Libelle, Margriet, Eigen Huis & Interieur, Seasons, Buitenleven, Allerhande, Puur Natuur, WNF Ranger, WNF Ranger junior

  • V&D (photostyling)

  • Baderie (showroom, photostyling)

  • Bad in Beeld (showroom, photostyling)

  • Badkamerfactory (showroom)

  • Kado Design (photostyling, Maison & Objet)

  • Capventure (photostyling, design stand Trade Mart Utrecht & Ambiente Frankfurt)

  • van Drie groep (JAN, Peter's farm)

  • My life is sweet (photostyling cooking books, DIY book)

  • Jill @Zapp AVRO/TROS (setdressing)

  • Remy Meijers Interieurarchitectuur (styling, styling the Dylan Amsterdam, photostyling various projects, ended in a design book)

  • Eva Mannessen Interieurarchitectuur (styling)

  • RTL Woonmagazine (styling make-over Remy Meijers)

  • Danca (photostyling)

  • Action (photo & videostyling)

  • Eigen Huis Groep (photostyling)

  • Lifehacks voor Kids (photography book)

  • Lab21 (interior design showrooms, photostyling)

  • Snurk Amsterdam (photostyling)

  • Dijk Natural Collections (photostyling, showroom)

  • designed & built various websites (;,,

  • Window dressing (various shops)

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